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Just a Quick Introduction

Take your time as you enjoy a stroll through my virtual gallery and,

                                                                                      perhaps, you'll find

                                                                                      just the right piece

                                                                                      of art to match

                                                                                      your taste and

                                                                                      your home. This

                                                                                      collection features



                                                                                      contemporary and

                                                                                      abstract paintings.



                                                                                      Painting has

                                                                                      always been a joy


of mine, and I hope one of these canvases brings the same joy to


Though each piece of work is its own composition, should you see

one you like, but it has been sold, reach out so we can discuss

painting something similar for you


Meet the Artist


Charles C. Young

Featured Painting
As seen in American Art Review


"Branford River, CT" - 12x16 oil on canvas


     "Having lived much of my life near Connecticut's rivers and shoreline, I have been provided with many inspiring scenes for my paintings.  

    Just shortly after crossing over the Branford River, I caught a glimpse of a magnificent water-filled landscape and a small section of railroad bridged visibly in the distance. 

     I pulled over to marvel at our nation's industrial feat tucked quietly between shoreline trees.  Any second, a metal giant might hurdle down the tracks disrupting the tranquility. I snapped a photo to capture the undisturbed serenity, blending the man-made with that of nature.
     Later, putting brush to canvas, I recreated the scene with the hope that someone else could share in the beauty."

                                              - Charles C Young, artist

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