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The Origins of MAGICOL

The origins of "Magicol" is sometimes up for discussion. This is the cover of the first issue of Magical from 1950. My father was one of the founders and the offices were headquartered at 170 Broadway NYC (his ophthalmology office). The "AIMS AND PURPOSES" can be read on the column on the left. Magic, ventriloquism, juggling, cryptogram, puzzle or card societies were all part of the thoughts of inclusion, given the lead article on the right.

The idea of a Houdini commerative stamp is discussed on page two wherein Congressmen and the Postmaster General were being made aware of the fact that 1951 marked the passage of 25 years since America's, if not the world's, greatest magician-showan and arent crusader against faraudulent spiritualists had occurred.



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