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A Taste of What's to Come

In early 2024 Vine Leaves Press will publish Cheryl's and my historical fiction novel, a tale of our growing up along with childhood friend David on Riverside Drive, New York City, in a magical family. Our story involves many of the events and individuals who were family friends (particularly Walter and Litzka Gibson) and focuses on events surrounding a particular Halloween night when Houdini returns! Though his return may be fiction, the book emphasizes that true magic comes through science and math and that Houdini's magic required knowledge of those subjects.

Occurring too late for us to include in the release of the new edition of Houdini's Fabulous Magic which came out this January, we became aware of new material that Morris Young was intending to include when a new edition of his and Walter's classic was re-issued. Our plan is to include that material as an addendum to our novel, Houdini's Last Handcuffs or to publish the material separately to be sold as a supplement to the first printing of Houdini's Fabulous Magic.

In addition to the newly written chapter(s), Morris had selected several photos to include. A few of those photos will appear from time to time in our blog...a selection of lesser-seen images of Houdini and/or lesser-known Houdiniana like the piano number shown here.


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