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Medical Career Highlights: 


-Past Director of Ophthalmology NYU Downtown Hospital

-Past Associate Clinical Director at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

-Founder of The National Glaucoma Trust which merged with The Glaucoma Foundation

-Past Board Member of the Arkansas Lions Eye Bank

-Past Board Member of NYU Downtown Hospital

-Past Board Member of St. Margaret's House

-Past Board Member of The Glaucoma Foundation



Houdini’s Last Handcuffs, an historical fiction co-authored with Cheryl Young, for publication by Vine Leaves Press 2024

HealthDesk for Windows: The Complete Personal Wellness Software Program, David Hehman, A. Joseph Rudick, Jr., M.D., Charles C. Young, M.D., et al. HealthDesk Corporation, Berkeley CA, 1993.  Sub-Publisher: Harper Collins, 1994.


Chuck’s Wagon of Verses, poetry anthology, Intercollegiate Syndicate 1963





Music Publisher:






Youtube writer and producer Unheard of Jazz Series (as heard on WUCF radio Florida):

Additional YouTubes to come now that Covid has subsided.

Unheard of Jazz Una Mae Carlisle


Unheard of Jazz Latin Influence


Unheard of Jazz Orchestras

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