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Morris Young far left, John McManus center and Bob Doidge far right. Doidge was a mentalist who went by the show name of "Calostro". They are standing in front of some of McManus's collection.

In the early 1950's Morris and Chesley Young along with Dr. Ben Braude came up with the idea that the U.S. Postal Service should have a postage stamp to honor Harry Houdini. They submitted the idea and their proposal for the design, which can be seen here, only to be turned down. In 2002 the Postal Service came out with a Houdini stamp. Whether they had any idea that the idea was introduced to them half a century earlier we'll never know. Dr. Braude, a dentist by trade, was an avid collector of autographs, ghost writer for card manipulator John Scarne, amateur magician and member of the Order of Merlin.

Morris and Chesley Young on the left and Dr. Ben Braude on the right at a meeting of the Magic Collectors Association in the 1951. On the easel is an illustration of their design for a Houdini postage stamp.

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