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In 1976 our cousin Winifred was to be presented by Walter Gibson at the Sons of the American Revolution Debutant Ball in Manhattan. Unfortunately Walter was ill so our dad called Milbourne (knowing he already had the proper attire) and Milbourne came to the rescue! Note: Aside from being one of the most accomplished magicians of the period, Milbourne was also a past President of the Society of American Magicians.

The pencil writing is the last entry Houdini made noting his lecture at McGill College and an injury. The writing in ink was added in 1927 by his wife Bess. It is interesting first in that she is writing to him "I will carry on dear one - until I meet you again". Also of note, she had dined out at the Village Grove but came home early apparently having neither a "drink or weed". Marijuana wasn't illegal in the United States at the federal level until 1937. The nature of the "horrible box" remains a mystery.

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